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from the album, "vato j, the monster of rap esse", is the hit single, "i lied about my age" - tHE kiNGS!

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April 17th, 2004

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02:27 am - from the album, "vato j, the monster of rap esse", is the hit single, "i lied about my age"
i lied about my age
i lied about my age
told her i was seventeen
i lied about my age

some homies wanted to get some 40's
but i told them i had to go to another party
with big ol titties and a fat ass
they say i want to go to ayye
but i passed ayye
i had to do it my way
you know what im sayin
because if i dont do it my way esse
its the wrong way ayye
am i right?

i was riding in the 64
sittin on 20's
cruzin at about 40
on the 60
in the 323
you know what i mean
you get confused homes
watch sesame street
with that vato the count
hes a fairy esse
i take him out
and not to lunch faggot ass vatos
not for tacos
or nachos
fuck no
with my gun
you betta run
or i shoot you in the ass
then i run to the car and step on the gas ass

shaved the mustache
because i wanted some hairy little patch
but you know me
i dont care
if it has hair its fair,
thats some real shit
some philisophical shit
i dont want to be up all night, holding my dick!
that shit is sick
im so straight i wont even touch my own shit
because its gay eyye
thats how much of a man i am
fuck pantyhose wearing super man
i got the plan
rip the panties off with my hands
maybe the teeth
tickle her coochie
told her i was wearing a condom
but i lied ayye

i came inside
its true i dont lie
but i didnt tell her
because im a straight up g
i told her i had to go pee
then i told her i was tired
because im a straight out fuckin lier
then i had a cigarette
then she said but your not old enough to by cigarettes
ohhh shittt
Current Mood: drunkdrunk
Current Music: vato j - i lied about my age

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