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April 17th, 2004

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this is when we were like in highschool, i would say sophmore or something, but those were the days i smoked ungodly amounts of pot so its hard to remember details like the year, but not this, i could never forget this!

so me and chris are walking down the rail road tracks, to get to our usual spot to smoke. we saw a abandoned house. it was the first house by the railroad tracks. it was so close all you had to do was walk down a little hill on the tracks and there was a backyard. being the michevious kids that we were, we were like maybe we should go check it out. after a little bit we decided we would definatly have to check it out. we made sure noone lived in there, coast was clear. since the front yard and back it seemed kinda difficult. then we had the idea of pushing the bottom dirt to the side so we could make a hole under the gate big enough for us to go through. after that we were in. we checked it out, found a open window, we were in!

we went to that house quite often, probably every day that week, just to go smoke pot or just hang, because that was a cool place to be. well we could only go there after 5pm because that house was getting constuction done to it so that someone could move in, new sink, cabinets, everything, the works! but nevertheless it was our place, and we werent stupid enough to make it obvious anyone was there, always the way they left it, not even a hint of pot in the air. we were like the james bonds of that house.

well anyway me and chris are there one day and saw a few spray cans, so it obviously came to us, spray paint it! okay so were dont want to get in trouble for this right, i use to tag fame but there's no fuckin way im writing that on the wall, so anyway we pick up the can, and chris starts writing names of a whittier gang all over the wall. so now theres graffiti on every wall of the house, on all the doors, and just everywhere, its a fuckin mess. were like fuck man can you imagaine what there going to think when they see this, its going to take them another week or two just to paint, haha. so now its a mess and were like maybe we can just total it since were on a roll. so now we go to the new cabinets in the kitchen and start to pull on them really hard, broke them all! we pull out every smoke alarm. we break down the doors for the shower and destroy them! we even break the new sinks by fuckin up all the pipes and cutting off the nozzel for the spray. the we take the garbage disposal out, so its this little cord, with this giant hard metal thing hanging on the other end. then we start swinging it around like a knunchucks, then we get the idea to hit the wall and put dents in it. this thing was more powerful then we had thought, it started to take out nice chunks in the wall. so now were laughing and were like lets go all the way through the wall to the other room. so after about a hour of heavy duty work we made a hole that was big enough for three people to walk through, side by side by side, the next best thing to walking through walls. so were like better make it a grand finally, break every window in the house, but were not stupid we know we have to jet real quick, right after, so were like is there anything else we are going to do. we decide we should take the smoke alarms, so we can tape the test button down and throw them on someones lawn, so they have to come out and turn them off by themselves. then we see a brand new flat stove. not that we had any possible use for a stove, but its better that it went with us then stayed with them. we were ready! so first we break every mirror, the closet mirror, the bathroom mirror, every mirror. then we get the garbage disposal and slam it through every window, so so so loud. already having the smoke alarms in our pocket, we take the stove and run. were off. we make it back to my house which was only like 3 blocks away, 3 min running. just in time to hear the police sirens racing to the other house. goodtimes!

i think it must have took them at least 6 months to repair the damage we caused, and at least a few thousand. it was chaos, we sure showed them. i cant imagine the looks on their face! i cant imagine what they thought, thats how bad the damage was!
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