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April 21st, 2004

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this was right before chris went into the army.

it was about 2 o'clock in the morning. me and chris were watching some tv in my room, then my mom came in. she was like hey theres someone that keeps creeping up and down the block, do you guys know whats going on? we were like no, so we went to go investigate. we were downstairs looking through the window waiting for them to come back so we could see if we recognized them before making our next plan of action. they didnt come back so we went back to my mom and relied on her for more details. she said it looked like chris' dads car. chris said yeah it probably was them, they wanted me to come home and they didnt want me to take the car and they probably came looking for me and blah blah blah. chris looked outside again, and noticed his car was gone! it was natch (chris' dad), that son of a bitch. he had taken the car back and showed chris who was boss. i guess they were going to try to put a scare in him, making him think it was stolen.

us natch? us?? yooooooooooooooou!!!

so a few minutes later we get in my car to go further investigate everything. we go to chris' house and no car! were like what the fuck. maybe your car got stolen! i was like is there anywhere else they might keep it if they were going to trick you. he was like uhh my grandpas maybe. we were off! his grandpa lived like 10 minutes away so that would be the only other obvious place to put it. if it wasnt there we were fucked! so we drive to his grandpas and we see it all the way in his driveway. so we drove down the street and made our plan. our plan was simple, to move fast and show his parents and his grandpa whos boss. so he quietly gets out of the car, gently runs to the car, way back in the driveway, starts it up, and guns it out of there. so we get back on beverly, from rosemead, and we talk on the cells. we decide we should just leave the car somewhere in a neighboring block and just pick it up 2morrow. so thats what we did, then went back to my house and call it a night. we get up, go pick up the car, because chris' parents should be at work, and should be there till at least 5, same with my parents. so were home alone, now its about 2 in the afternoon, were watching tv, just chillin, and we see chris' mom walking up my walkway. were like oh shit. we quickly turn the tv sound down and duck for cover. shes knocking, ringing the doorbell, just yelling and yelling, i know you guys are in there open up! were like oh shit, fuck that were not opening up shit. so we run upstairs to my room to make sure she doesnt see up or make any sounds so hopefully she will think were just not there or something. shes still ringing and knocking and yelling, then it calms. we let ten minutes go by then we quietly go back downstairs to see if shes still there. it seems like she left, but she didnt! she was in her car outside of my house! okay, so i thought to myself, she has to get tired eventually and leave right. no, not her, she stayed there for about another 2 hours. im like fuck shes never going to leave. so its like 4 and were still trapped there and im like dude my moms going to be home in like a hour, we gotta get out of here before she comes home and lets your mom in. so now were making plans like we can jump the wall in the backyard and get out through my neighbor on the next blocks side of the yard and shit. then it happens, out of nowhere!! my dad came home early for the first time in years, at about 4. see he usually comes home like at 7 or 8, so we didnt expect him at all. were like ohhh fuck man, what the fuck is he doing here, what the fuck! so were like running around in circles thinking about what to do. only one rational thought came to mind, and we both thought it at exactly the same time. HIDE! but where? we had the garage, and the shed, but they seemed kind of risky because we would have to open the squeaky screen door in the back and they would surely hear us. where to hide where to hide??? THE CLOSET!!!! so now were frantically running up the stairs to the closet in my room, then it hits me, fuck he might look in there! uhhh uhhh uhhhh lets hide in willows closet! were in! then you hear the door open downstairs, and the don yelling, johnnnnnnnnn! get down here. im like fuck! i held my ground and said nothing. we hear him walking upstairs and were like oh shit oh shit oh shit. then we hear him go into my room. were like haha fooled you dick! so were in there and hes looking under the bed and in the balcony outside. then its quiet. were like stupid don, thought he could find us. then we hear the closet door in my room being opened. were like oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit! then he walks into willows room. hes looking around then its quiet again. we think hes just about to leave, then the closet door flies open. were like fuck!!! so here we are, two 18 year olds on the closet hiding. hes like you guys are fuckin unbelievable, get out of there. so we disgracefully come out of the closet and they tell us to go downstairs. so chris' mom is sitting on the chair and now they both tell us to sit. he tells her we were hiding in the closet they both have this look of like god you fuckin idiots, and im trying to hold back my laughter because they were all serious and shit, but that shit was funny. so they tell us that chris mom called my dad and thats why he came down, then blah blah blah, kept lecturing us, then chris went home with him mom and i was stuck with the don. goodtimes!
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